ESCAPE – Fashion shoot for Hair Designer, Leo Ribeiro.

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ESCAPE – This shoot was organized for Hair Designer, Leo Ribeiro.

We used a rare 1976  Toyota Celica for the “Escape” shoot its an entry for Leo Riberio Hair Sytlist  into this years Visionary Awards  and should gather some attention .The shoot was split into 2 as we had 2 completley different sets ,this shoot was called “Escape” and the second one is the eagerily awaitied “Artemis” which we have a feeling will raise some eyebrows .Escape was lightly based around the early Bond films .

Escape :To flee from and avoid; to be saved or exempt from; to shun; to obtain security from; as, to escape danger

Photography: Angela Halpin / Jang Productions

Producer/Director: Jason Foran

Model:Laura Graham 1st Option Models

Hair Designer: Leo Ribeiro 

Make Up: Nadia Macari

Trailer: Cashmere Media

Location: Ardmore Studios