Kate Middleton is Guest at Gemma Billington Art Exhibition Dublin

Kate Middleton arrives at an art exhibition in Dublin’s trendy new Hanover Quay district. Ms Middleton – not yet the new Princess Di but on the fast track to global fame according to those in the know – was in town (Dublin)
She was on her first visit to Ireland to support her Berkshire neighbour, artist Gemma Billington, who opened her first solo exhibition at the new Urban Retreat Gallery. The Kerry-born artist is showing pieces she painted during two stays at the Cill Rialaigh Project in Ballinskelligs.
While the paintings on display were captivating, it was Kate Middleton who commanded the attention of all the photographers including myself
Tall and thin, the woman who might be the next queen of England was dressed in a demure, fitted navy suit with shower of hail pattern. She wore very little jewellery, save for a diamond-studded ring.
Kate Middleton in Dublin
Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton & Gemma-Billington
Kate Middleton & Gemma Billington
Kate Middleton & Gemma-Billington
Kate Middleton & Gemma Billington
Artist Gemma Billington is certainly well connected. Three times married, her second husband sponsored last night’s opening and brought along his friend from Sunderland FC, Niall Quinn, to do the honours.

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