Life Photo Shoot, by Jang Productions, Dublin

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“Life” came about after talks with  Dublin Band “Noise Control” about shooting their new album cover which is due to be released this year.
The idea was researched and a sketch was sent to the band but disappointingly it was refused to strong of an idea to scrap so we decided to shoot it as a profile piece and also a lot of work had gone into the pre production with booking of model and film crew ,special effects , make up etc 
The bands sound has sometimes be referred to as a mixture of dirty riffs, electronica, rock, and punk , and as the album had the word Life in the title  the idea was based around this ,
The Idea was about creating life in this electronic and technology hungry era we live in today, wrapped up with the bands music suited it perfect and also as we release our projects in 3 pieces would have been very strong for the band with the amount of promotion it would have received .
We achieved this project with no budget , everything within the set will re reused again for its purpose it was designed for and was a lot of fun to do.
Check out the video piece online
Photography & Production: Jang Productions
Model: Ross Hamilton
Make up: Nadia Marci
Special Effects: Team FX

Digital Photography Evening Course, Autumn 2010, Dublin

Introduction to Digital Photography:

Eight week Evening Course Autumn 2010
Date:14th Sept – 9th November
Time 7.30pm -9.30pm
Cost: 200:00
Tutor: Angela Halpin

Location: All Hallows College, Drumcondra, Dublin 9.
To Book Call 01 837 3745 Ext 552
This course is suitable for both absolute beginners and people with a little basic knowledge.
Participants will learn how to capture and edit images using there own digital cameras.
The course will also explore the potential offered by digital imaging software (Adobe Photoshop)