Kirsten Haugh, The only ROI Finalist for Top Model UK

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Kirsten Haugh (18) beat thousands of other hopefuls to make it to the finals of the Top Model UK competition, which will see her battling it out to earn a once in a lifetime prize.

The winner of the prestigious competition will get to strut her stuff on the catwalk during London Fashion Week, as well as earning an international contract with agencies in London and Malta.

And statuesque Kirsten, who stands at 5ft11in, is hoping to tackle the competition and take home the coveted prize, which will also see her jetting off to Milan and Malta for two high end photoshoots.

This marks Kirsten’s first time dipping her toe in the modelling pool after being scouted by a recruit for the competition.

Finalists for the Top Model UK competition are based on public votes, and Irish people can get behind Kirsten by visiting her Facebook page and find out details on how to vote.

Read more about Kirsten in todays  Evening Herald


Photographey: Angela Halpin – Jang Productions
Producer/Director Jason Foran – Jang Productions
Model:Kirsten Haugh – Top Model Uk Finalist
Make-up: Nadia Macari
Hair: Sabrina Bermingham

Artemis – Fashion shoot for Hair Designer, Leo Ribeiro.

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Artemis is the second project for Leo Riberio and her very creative hair designs, again featuring Model Laura Graham of 1st options who is an amazingly talented model and great fun to work with .The set was very carefully thought out at the planning stages as we wanted to create something a bit different , Leos hair designs are so strong that the backdrop and set needed to bring the entire project together .This shoot follows on from our project “Escape” and both are entries for the Hairdressing Visionary Awards in February 2011 for Leo Riberio.We released a trailer for Artemis and can be viewed here at this link “Artemis” Trailer .

ARTEMIS was the great Olympian goddess of hunting, wilderness and wild animals. She was also a goddess of childbirth, and the protectress of the girl child up to the age of marriage. Her twin brother Apollo was similarly the protector of the boy child. Together the two gods were also bringers of sudden death and disease–Artemis targeted women and girls, and Apollon men and boys.
Photographer :Angela Halpin
Producer/Director :Jason Foran
Model: Laura Graham @ 1st Options Models
Hair Designs: Leo Riberio
Make Up : Nadia Macari
Sparks :Mark Lawless
Film Crew :Cashmere Media
Lighting : Cine Electric

ESCAPE – Fashion shoot for Hair Designer, Leo Ribeiro.

WATCH our  Escape Trailer
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ESCAPE – This shoot was organized for Hair Designer, Leo Ribeiro.

We used a rare 1976  Toyota Celica for the “Escape” shoot its an entry for Leo Riberio Hair Sytlist  into this years Visionary Awards  and should gather some attention .The shoot was split into 2 as we had 2 completley different sets ,this shoot was called “Escape” and the second one is the eagerily awaitied “Artemis” which we have a feeling will raise some eyebrows .Escape was lightly based around the early Bond films .

Escape :To flee from and avoid; to be saved or exempt from; to shun; to obtain security from; as, to escape danger

Photography: Angela Halpin / Jang Productions

Producer/Director: Jason Foran

Model:Laura Graham 1st Option Models

Hair Designer: Leo Ribeiro 

Make Up: Nadia Macari

Trailer: Cashmere Media

Location: Ardmore Studios