Mind your own Fashion Business – Fashion Designer Claire O Connor




Claire O’Connor’s installation at D-light studios was in support of fellow fashion designer Sylwia Kaminska and an event organized by her friends as a fundraiser entitled “Mind your own Fashion Business” which took place in D-Light studio’s on 15-December 2011. Designers, models, hairdressers, make-up artists, stylists etc gave up their night free of charge to offer makeovers and fashion tips to the general public. The night was as much about raising awareness to how difficult the fashion industry is as it was about fundraising. So in keeping with the theme Claire O’Connor’s installation depicted a homeless scene. The spring/summer 2012 collection was tossed about the set while four models wore some of the avant-garde pieces, which included a beautiful chiffon dress with a  leather bodice. In the centre was the designer herself, looking pretty disheveled wrapped in a blanket, equipped with a paper cup and sitting on a floor of cardboard, some dress patterns, a copy of Italian Vogue and a sheet of cardboard with a personal message to one of the most influential people in the industry that read: ‘STEVEN MEISEL, PLEASE HELP ME, I DONT DRINK, DONT SMOKE, DONT TAKE DRUGS, I JUST WANT TO BE A FASHION DESIGNER. THANK YOU. GOD BLESS. CLAIRE O CONNOR’

Fashion Designer: Claire O ‘Connor
Photography: Angela Halpin

Makeover and Photography, Dublin

Makeovers – Three Different Looks

There are few experiences more luxurious than a photographic makeover. Imagine being properly pampered with a morning or afternoon of hair-styling, cosmetic consultation and finally a studio session with a top photographer. Whether you are planning to break onto the catwalks as the next Kate Moss or if you just want to be spoilt for a few really special hours, you will struggle to beat this amazing experience. Be pampered by the professionals as you are styled, groomed and photographed.

Price includes

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-Professional make up application


-Professional hair styling with our selection of wigs, extensions and pieces

-Photo shoot with my good Self  “Angela Halpin”  www.angelahalpin.com 

-A selection of professionally airbrushed pics on cd for you to upload to the web and print out

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