Padraig Naughton, Arts & Disability Ireland

The National Lottery: Impacting the arts

Arts & Disability Ireland (ADI) has provided incredible opportunities artists with disabilities around Ireland. Born in south Roscommon, Padraig Naughton has had a visual impairment all of his life. However, his disability has never stopped him in his pursuit of his goals. Known as a remarkable textile artist, making art by touch using materials like clay and charcoal, Padraig works as Director of Arts & Disability Ireland (ADI).

For those who are unfamiliar, ADI’s vision is of an Ireland where people with disabilities can fully experience and contribute to Ireland’s artistic and cultural life, and be an integral part of it. ADI is funded by The Arts Council who receive National Lottery Good Cause Funding.

“I joined ADI in 2005,” says Padraig. “We work to champion the creativity of artists with disabilities  and to promote inclusive experiences for audiences with disabilities.

We are a small organisation with four staff based in Dublin. “For me, creating local, national and international opportunities for disabled artists is really important. I find working in this position really exciting.” Read more at Irish Independent